The Band


Neil D Ferguson

Big Tuna is a versatile, four man rock ‘n roll covers band which has established itself as one of Scotland’s top live acts.

The band’s set list features a mix of classic rock (including Rolling Stones, Clash, Lynyrd Skynryd, AC/DC); great 80s and 90s artists (The Knack, Guns & Roses, Lenny Kravitz) and more contemporary bands (Killers, King of Leon, Mumford and Sons and Strokes)

Lee Wood

Along with the numerous live performances at live music venues, private parties and festivals across the nation, Big Tuna is also an experienced and accommodating Scottish wedding band.

Formed in 2003, the band’s line-up includes Fife-based Neil Ferguson (lead guitar/vocals) and Lee Wood (guitar/vocals) and Canadian born drummer, Bill Shaw who now lives in Edinburgh. The three, who previously worked together in their ‘day jobs’ at a Scottish marketing business, started the band after they discovered that they shared similar tastes in music and were keen to play it themselves. A year later they recruited bassist Graeme Jackson to complete the line-up and were ready to roll.

Bill Shaw

After much debate and a few false dawns, the band opted for the name Big Tuna, which is inspired by the fictitious town in the David Lynch film ‘Wild at Heart’.

In 2004 Big Tuna then began regular gigging, playing pubs and clubs in Fife, Edinburgh and other parts of Scotland, establishing itself as a formidable and entertaining live act. 

In 2013, after nine years with the original line-up, the band recruited Falkirk native Derek Grant to be its new bass player. Derek is a highly capable and experienced musician who, despite his relative youthfulness, joined with 20 years of live music experience under his belt. 

Derek Grant Bass Player

As they have demonstrated time and time again at live music venues, festivals, private parties and Scottish wedding performances, the band has a proven ability to get a crowd jumping on the dance floor. Big Tuna continues to play regularly around Scotland. In addition to gigging in the main central belt cities like Edinburgh and Glasgow, the band also play further flung parts of Scotland including Mull, the Isle of Skye, Perthshire and Inverness. There are simply no no-go areas for the Big Tuna boys!

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