GAS + PayPal = New Guitar Day!

GAS – gear acquisition syndrome

Tokai US G90

Tokai US G90 – GAS


“It’s a funny old game” Greavsy once said, and there’s no stranger truth. Although during the day job I sometimes design and build websites, I have actually never written anything for a blog before! So let get tits deep in text together.

As with writing songs, I though it best to write a short piece on something real, simple and true. Being a guitarist can open up all sorts of opportunities… and many of those come in the form of axes themselves, all begging to be touched, coaxed and played. What you deem ugly one day seems strangely beautiful the next. Although I started playing electric on a Les Paul copy, I soon found that I was firmly in the Fender camp, and Strat or Tele simply feels right strapped round my neck – simple. Still, you can’t help wonder what life’s like on the other side of the tracks, and it’s this niggle that led me to the latest buddy in the collection.

For a while I’d fancied getting my grubby mitts on a Les Paul Junior, simplicity itself, able to crank out the rock with no apologies. And then I spotted something that spoke to the inner rock nads – an SG Junior, white – with a simple rough rugged and raw P90 at the bridge. It was sitting on the Richtone Music website winking at me. This one was a Japanese Tokai copy, a Tokai USG90 SG Junior, and I’ve heard only great things about the Japanese builds from the guys at the Tokai Forum.

Well, the PayPal account had been accumulating funds, and that little devil on the shoulder spoke his wicked words of wisdom into your humble author’s lug-hole… “You’re a long time dead – buy it, buy it NOW, eating is for pussies!”. Well, I listened, and was lucky enough to see one going on Ebay with a few tidy upgrades. Fate I rekoned. A few minutes later the deal was sealed and it was a matter of waiting for the package to arrive.

So, what’s it all about? No doubt in a couple of weeks I’ll be back twanging the Strat where i belong, but that’s not the really the point. Life’s about discovery and new experiences, and if that means you gotta play a few to keep it new, then so be it – keep it interesting baby!

A short vid of New Guitar Day coming soon – sure is a fine fine axe!

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