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On a lighter note…

Everything’s black and white when you’re 14. While hormones, acne, cheap beer and angst join forces to whip up a storm of confusion in your maturing mind, you need something certain to hang on to. That need is sharpened by … Continue reading

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The wisdom of solo, man…

Draw a rakish comedy moustache on Michelangelo’s David, pour Agent Orange over Van Gogh’s sunflowers and roll a Faberge Egg to destruction down a grassy precipice next Easter. All these efforts are overshadowed, out-gunned and just plain beaten to a … Continue reading

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Freaking out

Crocodiles, BB King, horseshoe crabs, cockroaches and Angus Young. What do they have in common? All of them have been around for a very long time, and none of them has needed to change with the times. Why? Because, in … Continue reading

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