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Neil provides the vocals (mainly) and much of the lead guitar work. One of the three founders of the band Neil also delights in the bands technical responsibilities.

Blackstar HT Studio 20 – Clean channel max volume (dimed) Vs Dirty Channel

You just can’t beat the sound of a valve (tube) amp with the clean channel max volume (dimed). That’s how they used to role in the old days of rock and I loved it. So I decided to do a … Continue reading

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La Cabronita – How to build a custom clone

Fenders’ La Cabronita custom build clone monster So you want to own a Fender La Cabronita? Well look no further. If like me, you love the look and sound of these beasts, but think they are way over priced. OR … Continue reading

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Gretsch Floating Bridge – How to install new one.

Gretsch Duo Jet 6128 Floating Bridge Replacement After playing with my new Gretsch Duo Jet 6128 for a while, I decided to change the floating bridge as the angle looked wrong.  Since these type of guitars have what is called … Continue reading

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Orange Tiny Terror “gains” a new lease of life.

The law of averages is a lay term used to express a belief that outcomes of a random event will “even out” within a small sample. Roughly translated, if you play your equipment enough times, at some point it WILL eventually break. … Continue reading

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A “top” guitar worth its’ weight in “gold” – The Les Paul Studio 60’s Tribute Goldtop

Having tunnel vision can be a good thing sometimes. It can hep you focus, prevent distractions and improve your ability. That’s what I used to think. Why would anyone need more that one guitar? How many different sounds do you … Continue reading

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The “Star” of the show – Blackstar HT Studio 20

“Clean Bright Sharp Resonant Crisp Clear Warm Fat Dirty Bitey Driven Filthy Snarling Barking Brutal Wailing Screaming Tone”. Ht Venue Series

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Converting a Fender Hot Rod Deluxe from 6L6 to EL84 using TAD Tone Bones tube adaptors

I love taking things apart. I have been like that since I can remember. While everyone else in my family was playing with their newly unwrapped Xmas presents, I was taking mine apart to see how they worked. Sometimes it’s … Continue reading

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How to choose a name for your rock band – kind of!

I don’t think there has been one gig I’ve played with Big Tuna that someone hasn’t asked me the obvious question. “Big Tuna, that’s mental, what does it mean ken-like-pal!”, which of course is a Fifeism for friend or neebour. … Continue reading

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Taming the Tuna Tone – Part 2

As you’ve probably guessed by now, I don’t write for a living. I’ve never been one for reading or writing 300 words when 50 will do. When I pick up something to read, I want to be straight into the action. However, … Continue reading

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Taming the Tuna Tone – Part 1

Ask any keen guitarist what it is that makes them tick, and you can bet a 1959 Les Paul they will tell you it is all about the tone. I remember walking to school when I was 12 years old … Continue reading

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Rock’n’Roll Wedding – Yes please!

I never thought I’d see the day when me and the boys in the band would be playing at a wedding. How things have changed. Every wedding I’ve been to, as a guest (or my own), the entertainment was always … Continue reading

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