Blackstar HT Studio 20 – Clean channel max volume (dimed) Vs Dirty Channel

You just can’t beat the sound of a valve (tube) amp with the clean channel max volume (dimed). That’s how they used to role in the old days of rock and I loved it.

So I decided to do a quick comparison of my amp on the dirty channel then on the clean channel at full volume maxed (dimed).

Just a bit info for the more nerdy tekki types.

The amp has been modified slightly from the original spec. Not much, but enough to make it even better. As you can see it is a Blackstar HT Studio 20 combo version. I changed the speaker out for a Celestion Vintage 30, which I have had for years in all the amps I play.

I also upgraded the tubes to Svetlana Winged C EL34 which I bought from Hot Rox. I had trouble getting the bias adjustment low enough so they are running a little hot.

I chose the Manic Street Preachers, A Design For Life, simply because it’s an awesome song and it uses open chords.

Channel settings are as follows:

  • Dirty Channel 
    • Gain @ 10 o’clock
    • Volume @ 2 o’clock
    • Master @ 9 o’clock
  • Clean Channel 
    • Volume @ full
    • Master @ full

Anyways, lets hear you feedback as that’s what it’s all about.

About Neil Ferguson

Neil provides the vocals (mainly) and much of the lead guitar work. One of the three founders of the band Neil also delights in the bands technical responsibilities.
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